Insight Driven Creative

Our data, technology and creative teams work in tandem so we can fine-tune our messaging and deliver targeted dynamic content. The best part? We can measure our impact and continuously optimize for even better results. 

We find that data unleashes our creative to achieve higher levels, allowing us to make bold design decisions with the analytics to back them up.

From UX/UI conception, design execution and creative development, all the way to winning creative awards, we use data to deliver game-changing work. It works for our clients and it works for us, too.

our creative offerings

  • Creative Concepting and Production
  • Interface Design
  • Social Asset Development
  • Digital Identity Design
  • Content Development
  • Banner Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • UX Strategy Design
  • Email Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Direct Response Design

Simmered in Tradition: The RAGÚ Story

Utilizing the skills of our strategy, digital technology and insight-driven creative teams, Havas helia re-architected and redesigned the RAGÚ website to better speak to consumers needs and online behaviors. Havas helia took a mobile first approach in design and user experience successfully creating a digital information hub that supports the launch of the new RAGÚ brand as well as future campaign initiatives.

We updated the RAGÚ online experience to help bring their tradition out of the past and into the present. Combining their authenticity with a more modern design allowed us to give their users a fresh look at the product while making sure we were telling their story in the best way possible.
- Jamie Gray, Associate Creative Director
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