Digital Marketing Suite

Our digital marketing tools allow us to integrate disparate sources of data, predict customer behavior, optimize targeted marketing campaigns and more.

With the help of our collective digital marketing suite, our team can spend less time integrating data and more time focusing on what we love—delivering bold concepts and integrated campaigns that move the needle for our clients.

HAVAS helia SmartList® Lookalike Modeling

Provides the ability to readily predict customer behaviors and attitudes and segment by category and brand.

HAVAS helia SmartDesign® Market Test Optimizer

Our proprietary methodology developed to optimize marketing campaigns through iterative test and learn.

HAVAS helia Cultivation-Opportunity Index (COI®) Model

A robust analytic tool that determines a specific customer’s or prospective customer’s overall lifetime value to a brand, which then informs the targeted acquisition and retention strategy in each particular instance.

HAVAS helia SmartMart®

Our proprietary data mart, designed to seamlessly integrate disparate sources of data into a single data repository and output analyzable insights and creative versions.

Programmatic Consumer Experience

A proprietary modeling platform that applies an algorithmic analytic set with Mean Field Games theory resulting in a platform ideal for building and enhancing consumer experience across large, complex groups of individuals.

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analysis

Utilizes ESRI ArcView GIS software and data to leverage census information, comprehensive business location database, road networks, and traffic and weather patterns to inform targeted messaging and revenue optimization.

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