Data Strategy + Consulting

We work with data to uncover patterns in human behavior and create more engaging customer experiences. As part of our full-service offering, our analysts use a powerful set of data collection tools to pinpoint the most relevant intelligence available.

To get the most holistic view of our clients’ customers, we use all types of data including behavioral, demographic and attitudinal. We can meet our clients’ customers at the right place, at the right time, and with personalized offers that speak directly to what they are looking to find.

From acquisition and retention strategies to loyalty strategy and customer touch point mapping, we know how to find and tackle the opportunities to drive revenue.

Our Data Offerings

  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Customer Insights Strategy
  • Engagement Strategy and Planning
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Customer Experience Modeling and Mapping
  • Marketing Database Development and Management
  • Data Visualization and Dashboard Development
  • Data Hygiene Services and Strategy
  • Data Enhancement Services and Strategy
  • Data Governance, Privacy, and Security
  • Customer Segmentation and Acquisition
  • Marketing Database Infrastructure Assessments
  • Database Hosting and Scalability
  • Data Audit and Planning
  • Data Integration
  • Text Mining
  • Path Analysis
  • Geolocation Analytics - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysis
  • In-Market Testing: A/B and MVT Experimental Design and Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Clone/Lookalike Models
  • Response Models
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Models
  • Churn and Individual Risk Factor Analysis
  • Lifetime Value / Expected Value
  • Net Lift Model
  • Price Elasticity Model
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Media Planning Optimization
  • Constrained Optimization
  • Market Segmentation, Persona Development, and Typing Tools
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